Golden Eagle Medical established in 2013, is a unique player in the field of healthcare provision in Sudan; As a strategic objective of providing premium healthcare support services, Golden Eagle is building effective and profitable partnerships with international leaders in the field of healthcare.

Golden Eagle represents some of the most internationally known companies in the medical Imaging division including Toshiba Diagnostics Japan, Golden Eagle is also expanding its supply range of medical equipment and consumables.

Golden Eagle's current medical imaging business activity is focused mainly in the promotion, distribution and servicing of Toshiba medical system with an 80% market share and distribution network reaching outlets nationwide.



To be the leaders of innovation, by constantly creating complete and integrated services which will cover even the most specialized needs and demands of the healthcare system in Sudan and to maintain the deep rooted and long-term co-operations with our staff, our associates and our customers. We look to be distinguished by our sophisticated qualities and long term policies.

Our mission always reflects all the values we share in order to display maximum strength and ability for our growth in the medical Equipment market.

To realize this mission we:

  • Believe in continuous education and knowledge assimilation among employees
  • Work daily to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and superb level of service.
  • Always fight to meet our goals and fulfill our obligations
  • Always recognize the personal worth of our employees by providing an employment framework that allows personal satisfaction in work accomplished, security, advanced opportunity and means to participate in the company's success.


Financial Capability

Golden Eagle has achieved a remarkable financial growth through 2014 by it's presence in the Medical Diagnostic Market and it's solid strategy.

Due to our international diversity and business activities we have been banking with the world's most prominent banks as listed below:

  • Albaraka Bank Sudan
  • North Islamic Bank
  • Algazeira Bank
  • Dubai Islamic Bank.